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"Your pet sitting services are wonderful and very stress free! It was so great not having to worry about our pets while we were on vacation for 2 weeks. Thanks so much Bam!! I would recommend your services to anyone."


"When we returned from our trip, Zoe’s coat looked beautiful.  It was obvious that she had been well cared for.  She was so spoiled that she didn’t even get out of her chair to greet us when we got home!  She looked at me like – “oh great – you’re home!"

Don’t you think your pet(s) would be more comfortable in their own home? 
I do, too! Plus, the LOVE is always free! 

"I have utilized the services of Project: PETS to come to my home, during my absence, to feed, exercise, and generally comfort my Golden Retriever. I also have them come to my home monthly for grooming. Bam! arrives at the scheduled time, and transports Lou to her SPAW treatment, where he shampoos, trims hair (if necessary), brushes her coat, and clips nails, when needed. He then brings her back home in exceptional condition. He’ll also bring anything to my attention that he may have noticed during the grooming session.  You are the best, Bam! Thank you!!!"

"Allowing a person to enter your home is a big deal. I trust Bam! 100%, not only in my home but to love and watch over my "kids".

"Bam! is dependable and has great compassion towards animals. He treats my kids as if they were his. I would never consider using a kennel or any other pet sitting business! Talk about having peace of mind. Bam! has provided excellent service."  

"With due diligence I was given the reference of PROJECT: PETS . A year and a million visits later, I could not be happier. Kudos for the greatest pet sitter I've dealt with."

"We trust Bam at Project: PETS to take care of our pets, our home, and even trust him to pick up our mother at the airport! He has never disappointed us. He does a quality job and takes pride in his work."





"I could not possibly get any better service than I have had for the past 12 years. Bam is the most wonderful, caring, responsible person I know. He is the only one I trust to take care of my kids (dogs). He always goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is truly part of our family. I love that he communicates when I am out of town without me having to call. Thank you, Bam!" 

"Bam! at PROJECT: PETS has been our trusted pet sitter for more than 10 years. We've counted on him to look after as many as four dogs and two cats at a time. Without Bam!, I don't know if we'd ever be able to leave town feeling comfortable about our most cherished
                     friends. But because of him we can. We                           trust his judgement, his professionalism                        and his dedication to all creatures, furry and
                  otherwise. Beyond taking such diligent care
                 of our pets, he's just a great guy. Fun,
                responsive, easy to work with. I would not
             hesitate to recommend his services to anyone." 



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